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On this website, you will find a collection of the art and an overview of the events and workshops that took place, which represents over a year’s worth of work and collaboration.  We were thrilled to be invited to curate an exhibit at the DePaul Art Museum.  As educators, we took a different approach to this art gallery.

Nomadic Studio served as one possible model for how an experimental school could function.  Our four and one half month exhibition reflects provisional studio spaces and the way artists work.  The vision was to create an environment that not only had beautiful art on the gallery walls, but was also a welcoming place to sit, have a conversation, create, teach and learn.  We did this by building several types of functioning studios within the space.  We also changed the gallery art thematically every month to alter the context for conversation. Nomadic Studio included a convertible stage, a home recording lounge, a radio broadcast booth, an artist workspace, a community garden and a digital production office.

Each month, we hosted a variety of events including music performances, workshops, discussions, panels, artist features and other incidental acts of creativity.  Month-to-month as the gallery changed, so did the way we used the space.  July focused on the home recording studio; August featured birds and flight; September dealt with DIY art practice; October was for Teaching Artists, and November was for curriculum documentation and development.

In addition, we saw Nomadic Studio as a perfect opportunity to seed our curriculum project, SITE.  We documented every last thing that took place in the space with the hopes that people could learn from it as much as we did.  From instrument making, science, screen-printing, mural painting, interior design, conceptual art, bookmaking, food, rehearsal, recording, broadcasting, graphic design, model building, and more, our colleagues and collaborators were the perfect talent to teach us.  The documentation came in the form of audio, video, design, photographs, and text.

Our goal now is to compile, edit and design this content into a curriculum for artists, teachers, and thinkers that will be useful long after we have left the space.

Consider Nomadic Studio as our proposal for a model of an experimental educational institution.

Jim Duignan, Faiz Razi and Beth Wiedner


Written by Jim Duignan

August 11, 2011 at 11:21 pm

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