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AUG: Bird Sanctuary

During the Bird Sanctuary, we will populate the museum with the work of artists who depict birds and flight as well as talk to producers about their ‘sanctuary’ practices.

We will also be recreating the appropriately titled, A\V-Aerie, a Chicago-based loft space. A\V-Aerie represents one of many venues for art and performance that has had to close its doors. However, like most closed spaces, those involved have remained vital and creative artists in spite of setbacks.

The mission of bird sanctuaries is generally to be safe havens—rest areas on the way to something beyond. They are where the creatures receive the best care that the sanctuaries can provide and are given the opportunity to behave as naturally as possible in a protective environment. A sanctuary can also be a location that is traditionally used for worship, meditation, asylum, contemplation, and reflection.

At the Nomadic Studio, Bird Sanctuary represents a refuge for artists, a place where one’s meaningful practice can be shared with others, a space where you struggle and grapple with new ideas and gain enrichment from creating and showing, teaching and growing. A studio can be like a home; it can be a place of healing and new learning. As nomadic artists and educators we migrate from place to place, situation to situation like birds seeking new nests, a new home for our ideas and inventions. In considering how much we enjoy birds as a model of play, freedom, and their nests habitats for recuperation. We also just think birds are extremely rad.

it pleases me to invite you to the opening of the Bird Sanctuary @ Nomadic Studio this Thursday August 12th. The art this month has changed over quite a bit and will reflect our winged friends. The fine featured artists for this month are Rob Funderburk, Susan Hall, Nikki Jarecki, Christophe Roberts, Jay Ryan, Tom Stack and Diana Sudyka. The pieces we’ve got in are remarkable. You are in for a treat.

Bird Sanctuary in the Nomadic Studio
All events are in the DePaul Art Museum
2350 N Kenmore (Fullerton and Kenmore enter through Richardson Library)

Thursday August 12
12-1 pm – Black Public Radio – All are welcome to listen in, broadcast, share content and come in to learn how to build your own radio station.

5-8 pm – Opening
6 pm – Jay Ryan Live printmaking with Mobile Silkscreening Cart
7 pm – Live music in the Rumpus Room with Zikr

Thursday August 19
12-1 pm Black Public Radio – All are welcome to listen in, broadcast, share content and come in to learn how to build your own radio station.

6 pm – Video and talk about studio with AndrewandAndrea – “In the summer of 2000 we lived in three places. The illegal smoking lounge, the office – usually reserved for graphic design / publishing / sundry arts administration duties, and the studio. Our real home was the studio.”

Saturday August 21
10 am – Joanna Lakatos and Mitch Hurst – Harnessing the Power of Online and Social Media for Community Impact. Joanna and Mitch are independent consultants to not for profits and grantmaking organizations. They will conduct a workshop on innovative and exciting trends and opportunities in the sector dealing with social media and constituent engagement.

7 pm – Last night of A/V-Aerie $6 cover – Live music by Tim Kinsella, Baby Teeth, and Willis P. Jenkins. These music performances tonight are encore performances by the three bands that played the night A/V Aerie closed its doors.

Thursday August 26
12-1 Black Public Radio – All are welcome to listen in, broadcast, share content and come in to learn how to build your own radio station.

6 pm Mary Mattingly Talk – Mary Mattingly explores the themes of home, travel, cartography, and humans’ relationships with each other, with the environment, with machines, and with corporate and political entities. She will discuss her work.

Saturday August 28
10 -1 pm Bird building zine release and Stockyard Open Studio

We recently had a few off site events images and such forthcoming:
August 4-6 Summer Studio (Off Site) Sullivan Galleries with Brandon Alvendia
August 7 OpShop (Off Site) presentation of mural work @ NS with Rob Funderburk

OK. I can’t take it anymore. I’ve been looking at Rob Funderburk’s mural all day and I have to spoil a bit of the surprise. We helped Rob paint a giant mural behind Dayton Castleman’s “Chicken” piece (without moving it) for about 30 hours this weekend and it’s phenomenal:
Zoom in (real dimensions: 734 x 588)Image

there’s a bunch of info about the mural on Rob’s site here, as well as a half hour discussion he did on the project, as well as his work on A\V Aerie here.. I could listen to this dude talk for hours. just incredible.

we also have brand-new, never-before-seen work by Tom Stack, Jay Ryan, Susan Hall.
Christophe Roberts’ work blew my mind. you have not seen anything like it.

August was a whirlwind of awesome stuff, and as usual, here’s a photographic rundown of the events that took place. Photos by Jim Duignan, Faiz Razi, Beth Wiedner, Joe Miller, Jacob Knabb, Samantha Dite and Keith Brown.

Bird Sanctuary opening:
the Portable Nomadic Studio is currently being filled with replicas of all the art, and we’re going to be sending it to two shows in Aarhus, Denmark and Vienna, Austria after the exhibit closes. We will be, in effect, mailing them our exhibit. so funny, to me.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 548 x 730)Image
Diana Sudyka’s awesome etchings. these were all her archival copies of long-since-gone artwork, and we were thrilled to have them. These are all 2 or 4-color copper plate etchings. Diana will use things like needles to etch the plates into fine and intricate patterns. the photos do not do the beauty of these pieces justice.

Susan Hall’s phenomenal work with lace, paint and wood adorned the walls of the Rumpus Room. Grackle, the close-up piece, was completed the day before we received it, and was done on wood given to Susan by Brian McNally, the owner of the real Rumpus Room.

speaking of which, the city awarded me a CAAP grant for the rumpus to cover a bunch of my costs.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 912 x 684)Image
also, in the Rumpus, behind the bar, was Erik Stenberg’s Hooters. jesus, look at the thing. Ian Bennett of Anode gallery made the frame out of an old loom. there’s even a level built into the frame. I never want to let go of this thing. sadly, I will have to.

speaking of which, the 2nd set of Musical Chairs that Ian painted, (“cathode”) was just installed at Columbia college (gallery C33) for a couple months. these don’t have the random band generator, but are instead equipped with dual solar-powered theremins that we built in the class run by Knox Revitte last month. more on that after the opening there this thursday (5-8pm).

Zoom in (real dimensions: 1026 x 514)Image
We also had the second largest install of Tom Stack’s incredible work to date.
The one in the center, Fisheries was unveiled at the opening. in fact, it was hung on the wall of the gallery during the opening, as Tom drove down from Milwaukee after having finished it that afternoon. Tom gets the “Road Warrior” award for driving back and forth between milwaukee several times in one day to help make this happen. thanks to all the folks who lent us their Stack pieces for the show.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 1001 x 480)Image
This is the work of the phenomenal Christophe Roberts. he builds these beasts out of Nike boxes, exclusively. We spotted a chimp of his a few weeks prior to the show and immediately contacted him about “Hawk’s Revenge” and “Our Bird”. Funny story about “Our Bird”: when we were unwrapping it in the SITE office in back of the studio, two gentlemen walked in. I pointed out that Christophe made all of his work out of Nike boxes. One of the guys worked for the athletic department @ DePaul, and had an office full of nothing but Nike boxes. now Christophe is getting every Nike box that comes through the school. He’s getting another 100 or so this week. so crazy.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 720 x 478)Image
here is Dayton Castleman’s “Chicken”, now paired with “the Robin and the Worm”, a mural by Rob Funderburk. we helped Rob paint this ~468 sq ft mural without moving the airplane. it was extremely fun and time-consuming. I could listen to Rob talk for hours. he’s a dude. more on his piece soon.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 912 x 684)Image
next up are 4 brand-new prints from Jay Ryan. Three incredible pigeons and one incredible Jay. well, two:
Zoom in (real dimensions: 839 x 548)Image
Jay used Mike Slattery’s mobile screenprinting cart to not only lead a demonstration on screening stuff, but he allowed us to squeegee our own pigeons to take home. I think Jay yelled “It’s a Pigeon!” maybe 70 times that night. thank you, Jay!

Zoom in (real dimensions: 241 x 642)Image
another screening we had that evening was the install of Katrin Schnabl’s “Number 16,” which is a growing trellis of morning glories. she has another trellis that she made (also out of plastic bags) that is going to be converted into a coat for a dance performance.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 480 x 721)Image
here are some crowd shots! the folks up top are watching Jay and co. do their thing, Dominic and Drea of the museum are catching Joe Miller’s excellent band, Zikr in the rumpus room.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 913 x 432)Image
Zikr in the Rumpus. they were a perfect cap to the evening. we did a radio session, as well as a day-long recorded rehearsal with these fine fellows that will be posted soon.


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