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OCT: Teaching Artists

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October is Chicago Artist Month. In an effort to sharpen the focus and raise awareness to dialectical artistic processes of pedagogical and visual significance, Nomadic Studio celebrates teaching artists and professional arts educators. In lieu of the recent shift in social and everyday practices that empower youth and involve community through the arts, we feel it is critical to expand models and thinking about visual art to include various strains and systems of knowledge that allow everyone to share information. As a social activity, education and cultural production give way to discursive fields of inquiry that are central to imagining the kind of city in which we wish to live, work, and learn.

During the month, Nomadic Studio will hold an Extraneous Education Conference for teaching artists. We will discuss various strategies that point to future practices that may engage broader communities in art, education, the everyday, activism, and community collaboration, thus bridging the gaps that exist between theory and practice.


Written by Jim Duignan

September 14, 2010 at 4:33 pm

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