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SITE is a multi-media publication initiative that seeks to locate and combine trans-disciplinary fields of knowledge in hopes of reconstituting and re-imagining educational resources through lived experiences. Productions of interest include, but are not limited to, visual art and education curriculum mapping, lesson / unit plans, scholastic research documents, and educator experiences.

During the month of November, we will have an open office where we will be reflecting, organizing, and documenting the previous months’ programs for the purposes of galvanizing future efforts for SITE. Feedback and participation is highly encouraged.

Nomadic Studio is entering its last two weeks, and we’re preparing for a massive de-install, so if you want, come on out and check it out before it’s checked out.

I haven’t had much time for the visual updates, as we’re compiling a huge catalog of all the events and photos and such, so my graphic time has been spoken for.

anyway, we have been invited to participate in an exhibition with Rum46 in Aarhus, Denmark, so we will be shipping the portable nomadic studio there in a week. We are, in actuality, mailing our exhibit to them for their exhibit.
Zoom in (real dimensions: 640 x 480)Image

Beth and Brian and I have been recreating all of the art in the space in miniature and it’s really coming together:
and for taking the joke too far:

also, we have been building a shipping case for the Portable Nomadic Studio:


yo dawg, I heard you like museums, so I put a museum in a museum in a museum in your museum, in a box, so you can be in a museum while you carry a museum within a museum.


Zoom in (real dimensions: 642 x 343)Image
For the last month of Nomadic Studio, Tourism played three shows in the space. on the last day (November 20th), we shot “Tour Video”, a 20-minute tour of Nomadic Studio with musical accompaniment.

it’s in 10 parts (“nomadic 3.0-nomadic 3.9”) and mostly features the gallery as it was on the day we left. it turned out pretty great.


Tourism performs closing day
on the Union Rock Yards stage
@ Stockyard Institute’s Nomadic Studio
11/20/10 @ DePaul Art Museum

Tourism is George Joseph Miller IV and Faiz Razi

Video Tour by Beth Wiedner

the videos are here. they range from 9 seconds to 6 minutes. There is a complete listing of the art and artists featured in the videos on each page.


Exhibit is closed!

we’re working on a catalog that is forthcoming. we’re 25 pages in, and have yet to talk about the art. lot of great photos of the spaces and such, but tons more to do:
here is a download link to the pdf of the first portion if you’re interested. enjoy!

also, the portable nomadic studio has made it to Aarhus denmark, and is being shown @ Rum46 for the next few months. I can’t read the following, but I’ma post it:

Det er rum46 en stor glæde at invitere til åbning af:The Portable Normadic Studio og The Biking VikingsONSDAG
D. 1. DEC. 2010
KL 16 – 18

Alle er velkommen, rum46 serverer en udsøgt nomadisk vikinge glögg.

The Biking Vikings er titlen på en cykelperformance, som rum46 udførte i New York i oktober måned 2010. Projektet består bl.a. af en række performative handlinger, som kærligt reformulerer flere Fluxus-events fra 60’erne.

Uddrag fra The Biking Vikings blev efterfølgende præsenteret i udstillingsprojektet Nomadic Studio i Chicago. Nomadic Studio retter bl.a. opmærksomheden mod værdien af flytbare og midlertidige arbejdsrum og temporære projekter.

The Portable Normadic Studio

rum46 har nu fornøjelsen af at kunne præsentere både projektet The Biking Vikings og The Portable Nomadic Studio udstillingen, som vi netop har fået tilsendt i en komprimeret model- og kuffertudgave af udstillingsopbygningen og platformen i Chicago.

Den 1. december åbner og folder vi The Portable Nomadic Studio kuffert ud og præsenterer tekst, lyd og dokumentationer fra projektet. Vi ser også frem til at vise den nyredigerede video samt fotos, tegninger og objekter fra The Biking Vikings.

Kom og se ‘Ballonkoncerten’, ‘Flaskeposten’ og ‘The Recipe that went up in Smoke’.

Biking Vikings

Udstillingen er åben 2.dec. – 17. dec. 2010 tirs. – fre. kl. 14 – 17

NOMADIC STUDIO er kurateret af Stockyard Institute som består af kunstnere, undervisere og aktivister.
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